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G-Si is happy to travel to any location throughout the world to help our customers.   

We support:

  • direct T&E (travel and expenses as documented by receipts)
  • partial T&E in combination with Federal Per Diem rates for your particular location;  travel costs (rental car, airfare, mileage, etc.) outside of lodging and food/misc. expenses are considered the partial in the Travel catagory.
  • inclusion of travel costs and expenses in hourly or daily rates (this will result in artificially inflated rates)

We do not, however, have the resources to donate all personnel hours to travel.  Therefore, it is Griffin-Schruers, incorporated's policy that whenever travel hours (defined as the time from office to destination and destination back to office) are greater than 20% of a project's total hours, G-Si will include 1/2 the travel hours in customer invoices. 

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