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  • Buried under paperwork?
  • Can’t keep track of all your customers or projects?
  • Feeling overwhelmed?
  • More spreadsheets than days in the year?
  • My tech guys can't give (or don't) me what I want or need...
  • I’d like a retirement plan, but my company’s too small...
  • I know where I am and I know where I want to go, but I'm not sure how to get there...
  • My software is sooooo unfriendly...

Griffin-Schruers, inc.’s affordable BuRSTTM Program can help you identify inefficient and time-consuming processes and systems which slow your business to a crawl.   We can effect real change to decrease your overhead and increase both productivity and your bottom line by streamlining processes and helping to define/refine your business requirements and rules.  Let us help you map out a new and profitable strategy!

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Some of the successes achieved by using our  BuRSTTM Program:

  • significant increase in revenues and significant reduction in employee churn at an environmental laboratory
  • automation of 75% of the registration and administration processes of a Youth Soccer club resulting in 50% increase in club size
  • savings of approximately 3000 labor hrs / yr to a small telemarketing firm
  • creation of a custom-made contact management program and local area network for a Food Bank to allow them to expand their mission to become a full Resource Center with technology, social and life skills training


Other G-Si Capabilities

Data Warehousing
Data mining
Business Intelligence (Crystal Reports, Cognos, Brio, Business Objects)
Web development
Rapid Application Development

Custom programming

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